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Donate Car For Tax Credit

How To Get The Maximum Tax Benefit Out Of Your Vehicle Donation

– Donating your car or vehicle to charity can be a great way to get a tax deduction, and wheels for wishes makes it easy. If you would like to help your local make – A – Wish and get the maximum tax deduction, then you’re alredy almost done. It’s as simple as filling out the little form to the right or calling 1-877-431-9474.

– We make the process easy, and the get the most good (and highest tax deduction) for your car. Not only that. but you are also helping a local child’s wish come true.

– Prior to January 2016, the IRS was allowing people who donated to a qualified Car Donation program to take a tax deduction based on their vehicle’s market value no matter how much or how little the vehicle sold for. Determining the market value of a donated vehicle is often quite difficult and time-consuming, which made determination of the amount of the tax deduction confusing.

– Fortunately, as a result of the new tax law that went into effect in January 2016, The IRS has Taken the guesswork out of determining the value of your donated car, truck, RV, Boat or other cehicle.

Donate Car For Tax Credit

The IRS Allowed the taxpayer to claim a charitable tax deduction as follows

– We make it easy to get the maximum tax dedction for your vehicle donation! Simply filling out the quick form to the right (or call 1-877-431-9474) and we take care of the rest. Your vehicle is picked up, sold, and proceeds benefit your local Make-A-Wish, but you also get a 100% deductible receipt.

– If the donated vehicle is sold for less than $500, you can claim the fair market value of your vehicle up to $500 or the amount it is sold for if less than fair market value.

– If the donated vehicle sells for maore than $500, you can claim the exact amount for whish the vehicle is sold.

– In either case, you will receive a 100% tax deductible receipt at the time that you vehicle is sold, starting the amount of the sale.

– For any vehicle sold for more than $500. the exact amount it is sold for will be started on your notification mailed to you, which in turn will be your charitable tax deduction, the IRS provides A Donor’s Guide To Car Donations which detail the determination of the value of your donated vehicle.

– As always, we help people donate their cars every day, and we would be happy to help you do the same, Feel free to call us at 1-877-431-9474 with any questions you might have and one of our representatives will help you.

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